A Caslo Limited Time Offer.

We hope this message finds you well. Our team has reached out to you today with an exciting opportunity that we believe will be of great benefit to you and your business. Caslo Marketing Agency has been working with businesses just like yours for some time now and has an opportunity to bless a few of our community members with similar services

CASLO has seen success over the last year relying solely on word of mouth and referral business. However, we are now officially launching our online presence and we are taking this opportunity to give back to our community in a big way.

The Countdown

Website Give Away!

We are proud to announce that we are giving away a limited number of FREE Websites to our teams close friends, family, and community ! This is a rare opportunity for you to have a top-quality website designed, and built for your business at no cost to you.

Our websites usually range between $1,500 - $10,000

If an online presence would be beneficial for your business, Look over the requirements below.

Must Have a Brand or Corporate I.D Established :

- Logos. ( 1000 x 1000 px in .png / .svg )
- Font type
- Color Palette
- Brand Copy ( For Homepage Paragraph & Service Descriptions )
- A few Photos of at least 1500px - 12000px

The most important thing to have is your Logo If you are missing any of the other requirements, feel free to let us know and we can help get them for your brand!

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